6-Pin Server PSU to 6+2 16AWG

6-Pin Server PSU to 6+2 16AWG


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These cables feature top quality on every part of the cord and are 2.5 feet (30 inches) long. This will allow you to have the proper length for any kind of mining rig build you can imagine. These cables are for SERVER POWER SUPPLY. When having long cable lengths carrying continuous wattage to graphics cards, it is important to have thick gauge wires.

Cables included with PSU’s are rated for 255 watts per 8-pin connection. TheVeteranMiner cables can handle up to 300 watts which allows for you to have peace of mind while running your mining rig. These cables can also be used to power 6-pin connections, where you can power GPU RISERS as well.

Dimensions 30 in


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